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Eagles Mid Year Caravan & Camping Show

5 August 2021

Eagles Mid Year Caravan & Camping Show

Eagles are bringing the mid year caravan and camping show to you right from their dealership. Over 4 days, their incredibly tough offroad hybrids and campers will be on display, along with the luxury Australian made vans from Vacationer Caravans. 

There’s no need for you to miss out on the annual mid year caravan & camping show, our showroom will be full, so talk to our specialist sales team for a deal. 

Off Road Hybrids & Campers

For the best range of hybrids of campers make sure you visit Eagles at their in house show from Thursday 12th to Sunday 15th August. They are tough, agile and offer everything you need for your next adventure.

Not only will you see the Eagle range, but there will be a selection of the best vans from Vacationer on display. Vacationer caravans are Australian made vans that can handle both on and offroad conditions in absolute comfort and luxury.