National Delivery With Australia Wide Warranty

Are you in the market for a new camper trailer? Do you live in Sunshine Coast? Check out Eagle Trailers & Campers, an Australian, family owned and operated company that specialises in providing our customers with top quality trailers and camper trailers.

Our wide range of camper trailers have been carefully researched, designed and developed to withstand the toughest of Aussie conditions, making them perfect for camping trips in Sunshine Coast or anywhere else in Australia. Choose from a selection of hard floor and soft floor camper trailers that are sure to please discerning campers, no matter your needs, lifestyle or budget. All of our camper trailers have been built to the highest of standards and are fitted with high quality materials, features and appliances. Equally important, we offer a very high level of sales and after sales service to every single one of our customers, so you know that you will always be in good hands.

Australia is well known for its beautiful landscapes, and it’s not surprising that Sunshine Coast has some of the country’s most popular camping spots. Gorgeous weather, stunning beaches and breathtaking scenery are just a few of the reasons why so many people flock to Sunshine Coast, so take advantage of what nature has to offer with a camper trailer that can survive all kinds of Australian conditions. Eagle camper trailers have been tried and tested in Australia, so you know that it will keep you comfortable and safe, regardless of what the climate in Sunshine Coast (or anywhere else) throws your way.

Furthermore, Eagle Trailers & Campers offers our customers a 12-month Australia wide warranty, so you can have complete peace of mind while you are holidaying. If you run into any problems, all servicing and repairs of your camper trailer can be completed at any authorised location nationwide, and if you have any questions or issues, all you have to do is pick up the phone and give us a call.

Because Eagle Trailers & Campers is a family owned business, our customers deal directly with the owners every time they have any concerns or issues. We take pride in our customer service and in the way we have kept in touch with many of our customers, and we love being able to communicate with each and every one of you directly.

Looking for camper trailers for sale? Visit your nearest Eagle Trailers & Campers showroom in Sunshine Coast to see our range, contact us by filling out our enquiry form, or simply give us a call on (08) 8281 6696. Even if you do not live in Sunshine Coast, it’s no problem at all because we are more than happy to arrange delivery of your brand new camper trailer Australia wide.