Tough, Agile and Ready to Take on All Terrains!

It’s no secret that Australia has some of the world’s best rugged destinations. There’s nothing more rewarding than having the freedom to head off the beaten track and explore all this beautiful country has to offer including its national parks. Off road caravans in Australia are purposely designed and built for all terrains and off-grid living, allowing you the freedom to explore further with confidence.

What makes off road caravans tough?

Over the last few years there has been a massive spike in interest for RV’s suitable for the 4×4 market. Most RV manufacturers have an off road caravan in their range, making claims you can explore all terrains. Be aware, as this doesn’t always mean the van is truly built to handle extended time on rugged tracks. That’s why it can be tough to choose the right product for your 4×4 adventures.

As mentioned, off road caravans are designed and built specifically for Australia’s toughest conditions and it’s essential that you buy one that is manufactured and ready to withstand all environments and terrains for long periods of time. This means before you purchase a van to use on your next 4×4 adventure do your research to make sure it’s equipped with the following features:

1. Heavy Duty Independent Off Road Suspension 

It goes without saying that your van should have a heavy duty independent off road suspension. This allows the van to travel through rough conditions and absorb the impact from the bumps and the force from the terrain. The suspension should also allow for ample clearance when you are navigating through tough terrains.

2. Robust Coupling

At Eagle’s, we recommend and use McHitch 3.5 tonne hitches as it allows for a wide range of movement.  It’s simple to use with hands free coupling and uncoupling.  The McHitch is gives you the confidence to take on all terrains. Standard ball couplings are not suitable for off highway use.

3. Tougher Chassis & Draw Bar

A tougher chassis and drawbar are required for all terrain use. Quality steel and hot dip chassis provides strength and are specifically designed for tough terrain. More importantly, the chassis and draw bar should be covered in the warranty for full off road use. Our warranty includes a 7 year structural warranty and covers off road use.

4. Higher Ground Clearance

Naturally, you want to avoid hitting and damaging the underbody of your van as this can put a stop to your trip and be quite costly. Therefore, off road caravans need to have a higher ground clearance.

5. All Terrain Tyres

Highway terrain tyres are designed for use on sealed roads and not suitable for use on all terrains. To handle the rough conditions the van needs to have All Terrain (AT) tyres, which perform well on off highway rugged conditions and also deliver a quiet ride with good grip on bitumen.

6. Off-Grid Camping Capability

Most likely, you are planning on off-grid camping also, so you need to have the essentials for remote travel. With features like solar packs, gas/electric hot water system, increased battery supply and plenty of water storage, including a grey water tank, our vans are fully prepared for off grid camping.

7. Sturdy Caravan Body Construction

You’ll probably be faced with some brutal conditions, so the way the external body is designed and constructed is important. As an example the body of our hybrids are aluminium framed composite panel with checkerplate and stoneguard protection. Once again designed and built to handle the toughest Australian conditions.

Eagle hybrid range

Naturally choosing the right van for you can be somewhat daunting, that’s why it’s important to choose a manufacturer that has the experience in this industry and is ready to answer all your questions. Word of mouth is everything to us and with our many years of experience delivering robust camper trailers, we know how to manufacture incredibly tough hybrid caravans to the Australian market.

Our hybrid range gives you the best of both worlds; the comforts of a caravan with the agility of a camper trailer, which makes them the perfect companion for your next adventure. Quite simply they tick all the boxes for adventure enthusiasts! Designed and built with all the above features, you’ll be impressed with the toughness and agility of our vans. They are ready to be put through their paces. Not only that, but there’s no need to rough it on your next 4×4 adventure as our hybrids also deliver on absolute comfort.

Get Started On Your New Adventure

Are you looking to purchase a hybrid van for your next outback adventure? We can help! We have the right knowledge to help you make the right choice.  Contact us today by visiting one of our showrooms,  filling out our enquiry form, or giving us a call on (08) 8281 6696 – our helpful representatives would love to give you the help and advice that you need.

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