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Caravan Suspension Redefined with the New AL-KO Enduro X

17 September 2021

Alko Enduro X Suspension

AL-KO, market leaders in Australian trailer & caravan parts, have released their new redefining suspension system for caravans. Introducing Enduro X, optimised for off road caravans, this suspension delivers next generation performance and handling.

Alko Enduro X Features & Benefits

Alko Enduro X Suspension

Also Enduro X is designed, manufactured and rigorously tested for extreme offroad conditions.

Lightweight Clamshell Design

Innovative new clamshell design provides significant weight reduction whilst maintaining strength. This clamshell design is exclusive to AL-KO.

    • Metal pressings provide significant weight reduction
    • Automotive grade premium black eCoat finish
    • One suspension arm for all capacities and ride heights
    • One standard chassis bracket for all depths and arrangements

Forged bolt-on stub

    • The forged bolt on stub provides adjustable ride heights (standard and drop) and increases strength

Premium AL-KO Shock Absorbers

    • Twin shocks mounted parallel
    • Compact design eliminates the need for cross rail
    • Designed and tested for extreme Australian conditions

Drum or Disc Compatibility·

    • Flexibility to suit your braking preference

Improved Performance & Handling·

    • Lower unsprung weight provides performance

Automotive grade black eCoat finish

    • Provides superior rust & chip resistance.
    • Coil spring or air suspension options
    • Easy swap without chassis modification.

Enduro X is now installed on all Vacationer Caravans

Vacationer Caravans are designed and built using the latest features and technology to deliver vans that can comfortably handle both on and offroad conditions.  These Australian Made premium caravans include all the comforts of home, with the top of the line appliances and features.

Vacationer are excited to announce that their Rough Rider caravans now come standard with Alko Enduro X, ensuring they are ready to be put through their paces.