Quality Soft Floor Camper Trailers

In Australia people love to spend their leisure time camping and to make this experience more enjoyable many campers are looking to purchase camper trailers. Soft floor camper trailers are the most common campers available and are often the best value in the market.  If you are looking to buy a camper trailer for the first time then purchasing a soft floor is a great starting point. Before you decide on which type of camper to buy it’s important to work out your specific needs and budget.

Benefits of Soft Floor Campers

  • Price:  The main benefit of soft floor campers is price, generally they are a lot less expensive than hard floor campers and if you are on a budget they are a perfect option for you.  If you are a first time camper buyer, these are also a great choice for you as they give you an entry into the camper trailer market without having to invest too much money.  If you enjoy camping in your soft floor you can always upgrade to a hard floor camper down the track.
  • Light Weight:  Soft floor camper trailers weigh considerably less than hard floor campers making them towable for most mid range vehicles. Being a lighter camper makes them easy to tow and maneuver and you will be able to get into more remote areas.  Plus you will save money on fuel with a lighter camper!
  • Storage/Space:  Soft floors generally provide more space and storage than hard floors and are a great option for families and larger groups. You have plenty of storage space under the main bed and it’s simple to add on rooms if you need more space.
    Uneven Ground:  With soft floor campers you have the freedom to set up on any surface, so you can explore the many off road destinations you are interested in.

Soft Floor Camper Trailers for sale

Whether you are looking to buy a soft or hard floor we have a range of quality off road campers for sale.  Our campers are built to the highest quality and they have all been tried and tested in Australia to handle the toughest conditions.

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