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Tips to help keep you cool while camping this summer

15 December 2015

We all know that Australia can turn the heat up over summer, making camping unbearable at times. Whether you are camping in a caravan, camper trailer or tent, we have put together some tips to help keep you cool while camping this summer.

Find the best position for your campsite

When the temperature is soaring choosing the right campsite is important, as there is a big difference in temperature between direct sun or under shade. Setting your campsite up where it will see the most shade in the afternoon is the best way to keep your tent or camper cool. If you happen to be near water, set your camp up to make the most of the cool breezes coming off the water.

Keep hydrated…Bring plenty of water

When it’s hot, you lose fluid quicker than you would in cooler weather through sweating. So it’s important to keep yourself hydrated and drink plenty of water. This is especially vital if you are camping with kids as they can dehydrate very quickly. If you know the temperature is going to be high during your camping trip pack extra water and consider taking electrolyte drinks or sports drinks. These drinks contain electrolytes, glucose and water, which will rehydrate you quickly.

Wear the right clothing

Wearing the right clothing for hot conditions will help keep you cooler and protect you from the harsh sun. Clothing should be loose fitting so your body heat isn’t trapped and light coloured to reflect the heat. Plus invest in a wide brim hat if you will be spending time directly in the sun.

Ventilation and circulation

Lack of ventilation and air circulation can make the heat seem even more unbearable. Keep the windows open in your tent or camper to keep it ventilated and consider purchasing a 12-volt fan to keep the air circulating. These fans are an inexpensive way to keep you cooler while camping.

You could also splurge and buy yourself a 12-volt portable air conditioner. We recommend a Transcool EC3 portable evaporative air conditioner.

Cool yourself down

There are plenty of ways to help keep yourself and the kids cool in hot weather. If you are lucky enough to be camping near water, take a swim regularly to cool off. You could also set up a blow up pool for the kids under shade to keep them amused and cool throughout the day. We like to keep damp towels either in the esky or freezer, which are then perfect to drape over yourself.

Not being able to sleep at night because of the heat is the worst! So make sure there is plenty of ventilation and sleep with a cold towel across your body. Fans particularly come in handy at night to help you get a good night's sleep.

Staying cool while camping during summer can be a little challenging, but don’t put your camping trip on hold. All it takes is a little planning to help you stay cool and hydrated.