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Questions to ask before buying a camper trailer.

18 August 2015

Buying a new camper trailer is a big decision and by doing your research and asking the right questions you can be sure to choose the right one for you. Whilst your budget is often your starting point when looking to buy a camper trailer, it is also important to take a longer term approach and think about what your needs will be in the coming years.

You need to look at what your situation will be; will you have a growing family or will your children become adults and you plan to travel with your partner? The type of holidays you plan to take will also depend on whether you want a camper trailer that is easy to pitch and pack away, or if storage is the most important thing. Once you work out what’s important to you then you are ready to go and look at some campers and find one that suits your family.

As we know it can be quite a daunting process, we have put together some questions to help get you started…

Camper Trailer Specifications:

It's vital to ensure you can safely tow the camper trailer with the car you will be driving. So one of the first questions to ask is the weight of the camper and remember to check the weight when fully loaded, as well as the recommended towing capacity of the tow bar. While you are checking the weight, it’s also a good idea to see if you can easily move the camper trailer by yourself.

If you plan on heading off road with your camper trailer you need to make sure the camper will handle these conditions and check that it has off road capable suspension.

When you are not using your camper trailer you need to store it well. Ask for the measurements of the camper to make sure it will fit in your garage or the area you are planning to store it.

Camper Trailer Storage:

Camping trips should be easy and stress free, so having adequate storage is essential. Depending on how many people you are travelling with or the kinds of camping trips you will be taking, you need to check that you have enough storage space. Is the camper big enough for your requirements and how much can you pack inside it?

Camper Trailer Features:

Spend time exploring the camper trailer to see what features are included and how they work and most importantly ensure that you find it easy to erect and pack up. Some valuable questions to ask are:

  • Is an on board 12 volt AGM battery included in the price, and if so, how is it recharged and roughly how long will the batteries last?
  • What is the capacity of the water tanks and what are the tanks made of?
  • Are the screens midge proof?
  • Are solar panels a standard feature or are they an additional cost?
  • Can you recharge your batteries with the solar panels and an Anderson plug?
  • Does the camper trailer have all terrain tyres?
  • Is an annexe or an awning included in the price?
  • Does the camper trailer come with the receiver to fit your car?

Warranty and After Sales Service:

The service and support you will receive after buying your camper trailer is another important factor to consider. If something goes wrong while you are travelling it will be inconvenient if you have to return the camper to the place of purchase for warranty work. Check what type of warranty is included and ask if the company has representatives in each state authorised to carry out warranty work?

Any professional company will be more than happy to answer your questions and give you time to view the range of camper trailers they have on offer, so that once you decide on the right one for you, you can drive it away feeling confident in your informed choice.