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Get a Free GPS Tracker & 12 Month Subscription with Eagle Hybrids & Campers

2 December 2021

Secure Your Caravan or Camper with a SOLID GPS Tracker

Buying a caravan or camper is a big investment and of course you don’t want to think about it getting stolen. But reality is RV’s get stolen regularly in Australia and often never get found. It makes sense to protect your van with a GPS tracker. Our recommendation is purchasing a Solid GPS for your peace of mind. This Aussie built GPS tracker is small and can be placed anywhere in your caravan or camper.  Unlike many trackers on the market, these are simple to use, with no wiring involved. Lightning fast to set and includes a 4G sim card for the tracker.

Benefits of a Solid GPS Tracker

  • 6 – 12 month Battery Life – No need to have to regularly charge your tracker.
  • Alerts come through 24/7 – if your van moves and you aren’t near it, you’ll get a notification on your phone. And its free through our app.
  • Get the latest technology – with a SIM card that uses Telstra/Vodafone 4G network for your tracker.
  • Super quick to set up – simply recharge and turn your tracker on. No wires and ridiculous instructions.
  • Awesome support – the team at Solid GPS are there to help with quick responses.

At Eagles we recommend SOLID GPS tracker to everyone who purchases a caravan and camper. And this month… Get a Free GPS Tracker & 12 Month Subscription with all Eagle Hybrids & Campers Sold in December