Australia Camping


20 May 2015

Camping is a great way to unwind and by simply following a few basic unwritten rules you can make sure camping is enjoyable for everyone. There’s nothing worse than finally taking the time out of your busy life to go camping and end up arguing with others. We’ve all been there – had a camping trip ruined by the people next to us!

So we’ve decided to share some of our top rules for camping, in hope to spread the word and make you a better camper. Whether it’s your first time camping or you are a seasoned camper, have a quick read and make your holiday more enjoyable for yourself and others.

Keep noise to a minimum

Camping is about having fun and enjoying yourself, but be respectful of other campers and make sure your fun isn’t disrupting them. It’s an unwritten rule that around 10pm you should start winding down and mimimise your noise. The same can be said for early morning. If you enjoy waking up early be mindful that others wont enjoy being woken up from your noise.

Minimise Generator use

When people go camping they enjoy the peace and quiet. Generators are noisy, so be mindful of your neighbours and minimise their use. The best times to use generators are during the day, not before 8am or after 10pm. If you need to run the generator throughout the night for medical reasons try to camp away from others. Many campgrounds don’t allow generator use, but if they do it’s a good idea to follow these guidelines.

Don’t set up camp too close to others

People love to camp and get away from the world and enjoy the outdoors. It’s good camping etiquette to make sure you don’t choose a campsite too close to others. Also respecting other campers privacy is a must!

Keep dogs under control

If a campsite allows dogs there are a few things you need to remember. Not everyone is a dog lover, so make sure you keep the dog on a leash and always clean up after them. You will also need to be cautious around children. Be mindful throughout your holiday to try and keep your dog quiet, constant barking will definitely put off other campers. Follow these simple guidelines and your much loved dog can enjoy the family holiday too.

Leave campsite and facilities clean

Leave your campsite clean, remove all rubbish and don’t leave it to the next camper to clean up after you. You should leave no trace that you were there. If the campsite has showers, toilets or bbq facilities, clean them after each use and respect the premises. The next camper will appreciate it!

Keep an eye on your children

We all want our children to have fun on their camping holiday. However, it’s important for you to teach them good camping etiquette, so they don’t annoy other campers. A big one is making sure your children don’t become unwanted guests at other campsites. Even if they have become friends with their children, it’s not up to the parents to babysit them.

Don’t walk through other people’s campsite

Walking through someone else’s campsite is considered rude. Make sure you and your children walk around all campsites and not through them.

These are just some of the top camping rules that we have selected, but there are many more. Generally if you use your common sense you will have a fun-filled camping trip and your fellow campers will thank you for it!