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The nice weather has started to appear and spring is here.  If your camper trailer has been stored over winter or it's been a while since it's had a professional service, book in for a service and get your camper trailer ready for some camping fun.

It's important to get your camper trailer serviced regularly by a professional to keep it in top condition and avoid any accidents while travelling.  Regular servicing and maintenance of your camper will enable any issues to be identified early and repaired. 

Book in your service with us today to get your camper trailer ready summer.  Our pre-trip service and Inspection starts from $160 and includes*:

  • General condition and inspection
  • Inspect and service wheel bearings
  • Adjust brakes
  • Check condition and pressure of tyres
  • Check and service suspension
  • Check all lights are working
  • *Not including parts

Questions to ask before buying a camper trailer.

Buying a new camper trailer is a big decision and by doing your research and asking the right questions you can be sure to choose the right one for you.  Whilst your budget is often your starting point when looking to buy a camper trailer, it is also important to take a longer term approach and think about what your needs will be in the coming years. 

You need to look at what your situation will be; will you have a growing family or will your children become adults and you plan to travel with your partner? The type of holidays you plan to take will also depend on whether you want a camper trailer that is easy to pitch and pack away, or if storage is the most important thing.  Once you work out what’s important to you then you are ready to go and look at some campers and find one that suits your family.

As we know it can be quite a daunting process, we have put together some questions to help get you started… 

Camper Trailer Specifications:

It's vital to ensure you can safely tow the camper trailer with the car you will be driving.  So one of the first questions to ask is the weight of the camper and remember to check the weight when fully loaded, as well as the recommended towing capacity of the tow bar.  While you are checking the weight, it’s also a good idea to see if you can easily move the camper trailer by yourself.

 If you plan on heading off road with your camper trailer you need to make sure the camper will handle these conditions and check that it has off road capable suspension.

When you are not using your camper trailer you need to store it well.  Ask for the measurements of the camper to make sure it will fit in your garage or the area you are planning to store it.

Camper Trailer Storage:

Camping trips should be easy and stress free, so having adequate storage is essential. Depending on how many people you are travelling with or the kinds of camping trips you will be taking, you need to check that you have enough storage space.  Is the camper big enough for your requirements and how much can you pack inside it?

Camper Trailer Features:

Spend time exploring the camper trailer to see what features are included and how they work and most importantly ensure that you find it easy to erect and pack up.  Some valuable questions to ask are:

  • Is an on board 12 volt AGM battery included in the price, and if so, how is it recharged and roughly how long will the batteries last?
  • What is the capacity of the water tanks and what are the tanks made of?
  • Are the screens midge proof?
  • Are solar panels a standard feature or are they an additional cost?
  • Can you recharge your batteries with the solar panels and an Anderson plug?
  • Does the camper trailer have all terrain tyres?
  • Is an annexe or an awning included in the price?
  • Does the camper trailer come with the receiver to fit your car?

Warranty and After Sales Service:

The service and support you will receive after buying your camper trailer is another important factor to consider.  If something goes wrong while you are travelling it will be inconvenient if you have to return the camper to the place of purchase for warranty work.  Check what type of warranty is included and ask if the company has representatives in each state authorised to carry out warranty work?

Any professional company will be more than happy to answer your questions and give you time to view the range of camper trailers they have on offer, so that once you decide on the right one for you, you can drive it away feeling confident in your informed choice.

Posted 19 August 2015
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Get your camper trailer ready for your next camping trip!

Servicing your camper trailer regularly is essential to keeping it in tip top condition and will prevent unnecessary breakdowns during your holiday.  Camping trips should be relaxing and worry free; the last thing you want to think about is repairing your camper trailer.  Prevention is always better than the cure!

In general you should service your camper trailer every year, however if you don’t use your camper often we recommend every 6 months. We now have workshops in Adelaide and Perth to service and repair all makes and models of camper trailers.

Book in your service today and get your camper trailer ready for your next camping trip.  Our pre-trip service and Inspection starts from $160 and includes*:

  • General condition and inspection
  • Inspect and service wheel bearings
  • Adjust brakes
  • Check condition and pressure of tyres
  • Check and service suspension
  • Check all lights are working
  • *Not including parts

If you need any repairs completed on your camper trailer, visit one of our showrooms and we can provide a detailed quote.

For more information on servicing or repairing your camper, you can call us on - Adelaide 08 8281 6696 or Perth 08 6109 0349.

Posted 15 June 2015
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Top reasons why you should go on a camping trip.

Living in Australia we are spoilt for choice when it comes to beautiful places to camp.  We love camping, but we understand that there are some people who just aren’t sure about it.  So we have put together our top reasons why you should go on a camping trip.  Whether you are new to camping or a seasoned camper, we hope to inspire you to start planning your next camping trip!

Great Ocean Walk. Image credit:  Tourism Victoria

Best holiday for the children

It seems that kids spend a lot of time on gadgets and technology.  Camping gets the children away from these gadgets and experiencing nature. They will spend their days playing, using their imaginations and learning new things…the opportunities are endless.  Plus the fresh air will do wanders for them. There really is something magical about camping and it will be a holiday they wont forget.

Escape your hectic life and get back to nature

For most of us life seems to get busier by the day, camping lets you take the time to slow down and appreciate a calmer pace of life.  Once your tent or camper trailer is set up you can sit back and relax without the worry of your everyday tasks.  Plus there is so much beauty in the outdoors and we often don’t get the time to appreciate it. There’s nothing better than relaxing by a campfire under the stars. The first time you camp the stars will truly amaze you.

Pet-friendly holidays

Unlike other holidays, you can bring the family pet with you to most campsites.  It’s a good idea to check the site beforehand to make sure. No expensive kennel fees or trying to find someone to look after your dog.  Your four-legged friend is part of the family so let them enjoy the holiday too.

Being outdoors is good for your health

If you have been feeling stressed or a little run down lately then a camping trip should be on your list of things to do.  Being outdoors is great for you health!  You get more vitamin D, an increase in endorphins, plus you will burn extra calories without even realising.

Affordable Holiday

Camping is an economical way to have a great holiday, which means you can get away more often throughout the year.  You can make your trip as basic or luxurious as you want depending on your budget.  Plus Australia has loads of free campsites; in our opinion these free sites are often the best places to camp.

You can switch off and unplug from technology

Most of us don’t go anywhere without our phones, ipads or laptops these days.  With camping you can literally unplug all your gadgets and chill out.  It is a great opportunity to focus on your family and friends without your phone ringing or looking at emails.  It might also be a surprise that you and the kids can survive without your smartphone or ipad and actually enjoy it!

It’s time to create lasting memories with your family, away from all the distractions that everyday life inevitably brings. Start planning your camping trip and head off for some much needed time away – we have certainly given you some very good reasons to do so!

Posted 10 June 2015
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Our new TV ad; featuring the Cheyenne Camper Trailer

Have a look at our new TV ad featuring the Cheyenne Hard Floor Camper Trailer.  This camper is our most popular model and is ideal for families or larger groups.  It includes all the features you need to travel comfortably, all at an affordable price.

Features of Cheyenne Camper Trailer:

  • Sleeps 6 giving you room to move with the whole family
  • Abundance of storage space
  • Full off road capabilities
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Free annexe with every NEW camper trailer - watch the TV ad to see how much extra space that gives you!
  • Australia wide warranty for peace of mind when travelling


Camping is a great way to unwind and by simply following a few basic unwritten rules you can make sure camping is enjoyable for everyone.  There’s nothing worse than finally taking the time out of your busy life to go camping and end up arguing with others. We’ve all been there – had a camping trip ruined by the people next to us!

So we’ve decided to share some of our top rules for camping, in hope to spread the word and make you a better camper.  Whether it’s your first time camping or you are a seasoned camper, have a quick read and make your holiday more enjoyable for yourself and others.

Keep noise to a minimum

Camping is about having fun and enjoying yourself, but be respectful of other campers and make sure your fun isn’t disrupting them.  It’s an unwritten rule that around 10pm you should start winding down and mimimise your noise. The same can be said for early morning.  If you enjoy waking up early be mindful that others wont enjoy being woken up from your noise.

Minimise Generator use

When people go camping they enjoy the peace and quiet. Generators are noisy, so be mindful of your neighbours and minimise their use.  The best times to use generators are during the day, not before 8am or after 10pm.  If you need to run the generator throughout the night for medical reasons try to camp away from others. Many campgrounds don’t allow generator use, but if they do it’s a good idea to follow these guidelines.

Don’t set up camp too close to others

People love to camp and get away from the world and enjoy the outdoors.  It’s good camping etiquette to make sure you don’t choose a campsite too close to others.  Also respecting other campers privacy is a must!

Keep dogs under control

If a campsite allows dogs there are a few things you need to remember.  Not everyone is a dog lover, so make sure you keep the dog on a leash and always clean up after them. You will also need to be cautious around children. Be mindful throughout your holiday to try and keep your dog quiet, constant barking will definitely put off other campers.  Follow these simple guidelines and your much loved dog can enjoy the family holiday too.

Leave campsite and facilities clean

Leave your campsite clean, remove all rubbish and don’t leave it to the next camper to clean up after you. You should leave no trace that you were there.  If the campsite has showers, toilets or bbq facilities, clean them after each use and respect the premises.  The next camper will appreciate it!

Keep an eye on your children

We all want our children to have fun on their camping holiday.  However, it’s important for you to teach them good camping etiquette, so they don’t annoy other campers.  A big one is making sure your children don’t become unwanted guests at other campsites.  Even if they have become friends with their children, it’s not up to the parents to babysit them.

Don’t walk through other people’s campsite

Walking through someone else’s campsite is considered rude.  Make sure you and your children walk around all campsites and not through them.

These are just some of the top camping rules that we have selected, but there are many more. Generally if you use your common sense you will have a fun-filled camping trip and your fellow campers will thank you for it!

Posted 20 May 2015
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Camper Trailers For Sale > 5 Reasons to buy an Eagle Camper Trailer

Create memories with an Eagle Camper!

Camper trailers give you the freedom to explore this beautiful country, and the option of taking your adventure to the many off road destinations Australia has to offer. Eagle Trailers & Campers ensures that all of our campers are of the highest quality, and are built to last the tough Australian conditions. So you can be confident when travelling that your camper trailer has been tried and tested in Australia, and that it will handle the toughest conditions Australia has to offer.

Buying a camper trailer is a personal choice, as everyone has different needs and expectations. At Eagle Trailers & Campers, we have a wide selection of off road, hard floor camper trailers, as well as soft floor, walk in camper trailers for sale, so we are sure to have a camper that suits your needs and budget.

Camper trailers have many benefits over traditional tents, and are a far more affordable option compared to purchasing a caravan or motor home. With a camper trailer, you can move from place to place easily, so you can go wherever your heart takes you. Travel with just about everything you need, including amenities such as cook tops, a fridge and running water, but without the bulk, weight and high fuel consumption normally associated with a caravan or motor home. Unlike those bigger vehicles, camper trailers can go anywhere a 4WD or SUV can go – perfect for many of Australia’s top camping spots. Plus, our camper trailers are easy to use, and only takes one person about 10 minutes to set up and pack away, making them ideal for that quick weekend getaway.

We want you to feel secure and comfortable when making your camper trailer purchase, so we offer an Australian wide warranty on all our camper trailers. This means that all servicing and repairs can be carried out at any authorised location nationwide, so you’re covered no matter where you go.

Also, we are a family owned business, so if you have any concerns, you can talk directly with the owner. One simple phone call to us will resolve any issue that you might have, and we would love to hear from you. Our customers are our priority, and providing you with peace of mind while you are travelling is of utmost importance to us.

Visit one of our camper trailer showrooms today, and check out the range of camper trailers that we have for sale. Alternatively, fill out our enquiry form or give us a call on (08) 8281 6696 – our experienced staff will be more than happy to help you.

5 Reasons to buy an Eagle camper trailer

1. Value for money

All of our camper trailers are affordable within their range, and carry the same high quality features and appliances, so you get great value for money whichever one you choose.

2. Highest quality

Our camper trailers are of the highest quality. We are pleased to offer a five-year structural warranty (chassis, drawbar and suspension) on our camper trailers, which sets us apart from other retailers out there, as well as a 12-month Australia wide warranty for your peace of mind wherever you go.

3. Tried and tested in Australia

Our camper trailers have been carefully researched, designed, tried and tested for Australian conditions, so they’re just perfect for your Aussie adventure.

4. Family owned business

Eagle Trailers & Campers is a family owned business, which means you will deal directly with the owners. When you buy our products, you will not only get great service from our experienced sales staff, but fantastic after sales service as well.

5. Free annexe with every new camper trailer

Receive a free annexe with every new camper trailer! It’s our treat to you, and we hope that it will help to make your getaway even more enjoyable.

Posted 2 December 2014

An eagle can go anywhere

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