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What Is The Difference Between Single Axle & Tandem Trailers?

You know you want to buy a new trailer, but not sure which one? You probably have started your research and now realise there are different types, sizes and models to choose. One of the first questions you might come across is should you invest in a single axle or a tandem? 

Difference Single Axle & Tandem Trailers

The construction and axles dictate their performance, so knowing how you will use your trailer will determine which to choose. Put simply a single axle trailer has one axle and one set of wheels, where a tandem has two axles with two sets of wheels. Let’s explore further so you can choose the right one for you.

Single Axle

As mentioned, single axles have one axle and one set of wheels and are therefore lighter and smaller than tandems. If you are solely looking to transport smaller to medium loads, then these are ideal. Mostly purchased for home use, they tow easily behind smaller cars.


  • Smaller and easier to manoeuvre in tight spaces.  .
  • Lighter weight so they are easier to tow and more economical on fuel.
  • Generally cheaper to purchase due to smaller size and straight forward construction.
  • Less maintenance needed with only two wheels, tyres, bearings and brakes.


  • Limited by payload. Not suitable to tow heavy loads.
  • More wear and tear on tyres as the weight of the load is distributed over two tyres compared to four.
  • Not required to have a braking system which can present some safety issues.

Tandem Trailers

Tandem trailers are suited to those needing to carry heavier loads and you can easily spot one by its two set of wheels. These models come with two axles close together, along with extra tyres that help disperse the weight of the load. They are perfect for handling heavier loads and offer a higher payload than singles.


  • Most often have better suspension.
  • Generally larger, so you can carry larger loads.
  • Tandems disperse the weight across both axles and set of wheels.
  • More stable at highway speeds and conditions. 
  • Safer as the brakes will help you stop, especially important when carrying a heavy load. By law if trailers are rated 750kg to 2000kg it’s a requirement to include brakes.
  • Heavy duty built to regularly transport heavy loads
  • Better stability and sturdiness on the road with less bounce and sway
  • Flat tyres wont completely stop you in your tracks as they are simple to change, even without using a jack.


  • More expensive as they are generally bigger in size and require more complicated construction.
  • Weigh more than single axles, so not as fuel efficient.
  • Increase maintenance with the double axles and 4 wheels and tyres to maintain.
  • Potentially more difficult to manoeuvre in driveways or smaller spaces.

Let’s Get Started

When it comes to choosing between single or tandem, the first step is to work out how you’ll be using it and what you be hauling. If you are towing lighter loads here and there, a single axle is ideal. If you need to carry heavier loads and worry about safety, then a tandem is for you. 

Why not head into our showroom and have a chat. One of our team will be happy to walk you through the different options available and help you choose the right one for your needs. We offer a large range of designs suited for personal use through to industrial tippers. Plus a major advantage of buying with us is we offer you choice. Choice to select either a fully galvanised imported or painted Australian made trailer. Not only that, but our fabricators can custom build any type for you. With over 10 years’ experience in fabrication, you can feel 100% confident with your purchase.

Find us at 1421 Main North Rd, Para Hills West or alternatively give us a call on 08 8281 6696 for further information.

Australian Made Trailers Built Right Here in SA

Whether you are looking to buy an Australian made trailer for home or work, we have you covered. With over a decade in this industry we have the knowledge and experience to manufacture trailers that are built to last. Eagle Trailers and Campers have worked hard becoming industry leaders and have a strong reputation for producing the best trailers.

Our team is excited to offer Australian made trailers that are built using high quality 100% Australia steel. Manufacturing Australian made offers our customers choice when it comes to their purchase. Our mission has always been to produce quality, robust products at an affordable price and that hasn’t changed. 

Australian Made Trailers

Australian Made Trailers, Built To Last

Eagle Australian made trailers are built to last, using only the best materials and will withstand Australia’s harsh conditions. Built using high quality Australian materials, they are fabricated from the ground up in our Para Hills West workshop.  Even more importantly they are manufactured to meet Australia’s strict standards, so you can rest easy knowing you have purchased a quality Australian made product.

Backed by our 12 month warranty, our heavy duty Australian made trailers all come with:

  • Rocker Roller suspension (Tandem Axle Only)
  • Cable Disc Brakes
  • Swing up Jockey Wheel
  • Front & rear tailboards
  • Tie rails all around 
  • Checker plate steps between front & rear of mudguards
  • Rubber mud flaps rear of mudguards
  • Spare Wheel
  • LED tail lights
  • Sunraysia rims
  • NEW Light Truck Tyres

Custom Build Your Trailer To The Highest Standard

Whatever type of trailer you require we can design and build one to suit. Over the years we have built a solid reputation on delivering quality custom trailers for personal use, business, government, charities and more. The last 10 years our team have been fabricating custom builds such as BBQ trailers, food vans, motorbike trailers and the list goes on. You name it and we can build it!

Let’s Get Started

When purchasing from us, you can feel secure knowing we are a family owned business and we pride ourselves on producing quality products with exceptional customer service.  Word of mouth is everything to us! 

Contact us today by visiting our Para Hills West showroom or giving us a call on (08) 8281 6696 – our team would love to give you the help and advice that you need. No job is too big or small!

Posted 7 May 2020
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5 Reasons You Need To Go On A Caravan or Camping Trip This Year

Have you been extra stressed lately or finding it hard to sleep? Getting away on a much needed camping trip could be the solution. Whether you are camping in a tent, camper or caravan you can benefit from the break to your everyday routine.  

It’s no secret that camping is fun! From spending time outdoors to escaping your daily routine you’ll have a blast. Not to mention the positive benefits to your health and well being. The benefits of camping are endless, but we have picked our top 5 reasons you NEED to camp to improve your wellbeing, health and happiness.

1. Camping is great for your health

People who camp regularly enjoy loads of health benefits that come with this fun activity. Generally they are healthier, happier and live longer. From the fresh air to increased exercise and less stress there are numerous health benefits to caravan and camping. The latest research from the Caravan Industry Association of Australia has shown that those who regularly go caravan and camping are not only happier, but also more satisfied, optimistic and energised than those who don’t. Ignoring stress in your life can be detrimental to your mental, physical, and emotional health. So why not take a break and give caravan and camping a go this year.

2. Reconnect with loved ones

We live in a time where work life balance is often out of whack, making us time poor and struggling to find time to connect with our loved ones. Camping is the perfect way to spend quality time with family and friends in a relaxed environment and away from all the modern distractions.

3. Electronics Detox

Technology clearly has its benefits, but do you ever feel you or your family need a break from electronics? For most people we don’t go anywhere without our phones, tablets or laptops. With camping you can ditch the screens, unplug from all electronics and chill out. Excessive screen time can lead to many health issues for both adults and kids, so a digital detox every now and then will have great benefits on your wellbeing. It might also be a surprise that you and the kids can survive without electronics and actually enjoy it!

4. Improve your sleep

Trouble sleeping? Camping could be the answer! Spending less time in natural light and more time in front of screens has affected our circadian rhythm. Which means that many of us are suffering sleep disorders or simply not getting enough sleep daily. The good news is that research from the University of Colorado-Boulder shows that a weekend camping trip can reset your circadian rhythm and return your bodies normal sleeping patterns.

5. Holiday Safely

There’s no doubt that travelling around this amazing country is going to be a much easier and safer holiday. Not to mention Australia has some of the best destinations and experiences, which rival anywhere overseas. With no currency change over, long flights, airports, culture shock, you can spend more time enjoying the sights. Plus travelling in an off road caravan or camper allows you the freedom to enjoy more of Australia. Also Medicare covers you while travelling around Australia, so any medical care during your holiday is free. More importantly with today’s state of play, from terrorism to viruses you are much safer travelling right here in Australia.

Today more that ever we are time poor, stressed and out of balance. Being outdoors is great for you health! You get more vitamin D, an increase in endorphins, plus you will burn extra calories without even realising. You can’t lose, why not give caravan or camping a go this year.

Lightweight Camper Trailers

Are you in the market for a lightweight camper trailer? Then take a look at the Cherokee Lite, our popular forward fold lightweight camper.  The Cherokee Lite has all the features of the original Cherokee camper but has been designed without the weight, making its suitable to tow behind most medium sized cars and SUV’s.

Lightweight Camper Trailers

Clever use of space

The Cherokee Lite’s clever design allows for spacious living without towing a heavy camper. This lightweight camper trailer sleeps 4 comfortably inside so it’s suitable for a family or couple. The internal living space includes a queen bed and the option of a second double bed when you convert the dinette.

A fully enclosed annexe comes standard in the Cherokee Lite, delivering additional enclosed living space. It’s well worth setting up the complete annexe when you are camping for a few days. Slide out the kitchen, set up some tables and chairs for outdoor living at its best. 

Tough & Agile Off Road Camper

Just like it’s big brother, the Cherokee Lite is a tough and agile off road camper that’s ready to take on all terrains. With full off road capabilities this camper comes with aluminium checkerplate body, 12-inch electric brakes, stone guard, independent suspension and off road coupling. 

Best of all it’s lighter weight, super easy to tow and a breeze to set up, giving you more time to enjoy your next holiday.

What makes this camper lightweight?

The Cherokee Lite has been designed and built without the weight, whilst still delivering the bells and whistles you would expect in a premium forward fold. Changes have been made where possible to reduce the weight of the camper, without compromising on space, features or off road capability. So how was this done? 

  • Fridge – Fits smaller fridge than Cherokee 
  • Battery – 1 x 100 Amp battery where the Cherokee has 2 batteries
  • Slightly smaller kitchen than Cherokee
  • Carries 2 x 4.5kg gas bottles instead of 9kg
  • Includes 100 Litre water tank, Cherokee comes with 35L and 120L water tanks
  • Lighter frame and chassis than the Cherokee

An Eagle Can Go Anywhere

Feel confident when travelling in the Cherokee Lite, with a 7 year structural warranty and an Australian wide 12 month new purchase warranty. Wanting to see this lightweight camper trailer first hand? Head into one of our showrooms located in Adelaide, Perth or Victoria. If you live in another state, we are offering FREE DELIVERY AUSTRALIA WIDE for a limited time our. Contact our sales team today on 08 8281 6696 for more information.

Tough & Agile Off Road Caravan

Looking for an off road caravan? Then look no further, the Warrior-15 off road caravan is here. 

There is demand for off road caravans that are tough and agile yet still offer comfort and the Warrior-15 delivers.  There’s no need to compromise on comfort, you can head off grid and still enjoy a hot shower, tasty dinner and comfortable bed at the end your adventurous day.

Warrior-15 Off road Caravan

The Warrior-15 hybrid caravan ticks all the boxes for adventure enthusiasts and currently is our most popular model. This van is larger in size than the original Warrior hybrid caravan so there’s no need to compromise on comfort. Boasting an internal ensuite, larger living space, queen fold out bed and a set of bunks, this caravan provides plenty of space for the family.


Well suited for all your off road adventures, the Eagle Warrior is built to be put through its paces. It’s tough and agile, with heavy duty independent suspension and a McHitch off road coupling, to provide you with complete confidence when heading off road. The aluminium checkerplate body, stone guard and skid bars will protect the van from the harsher off road terrain. 

Made for off grid camping, this hybrid includes all the essentials necessary to free camp in even the most remote locations. With the 300 watt solar pack, gas/electric hot water system, 3 x 100 amp batteries and plenty of water storage this caravan is fully usable off grid.


Want to check out this impressive off road caravan? Simply head over to our Warrior-15 page or head into one of our dealers in Adelaide, Perth or Victoria. For further information call our head office today on 08 8281 6696. We look forward to getting you started on your off road adventures.


For a limited time Eagle Trailers & Campers are offering FREE DELIVERY AUSTRALIA WIDE.

Eagle Camper Trailers & Caravans

Over the last 9 years Eagle Camper Trailers has become a recognisable brand in the camper trailer industry. We set out with the goal to produce top quality campers for the Australian market, while always delivering exceptional customer service. We have achieved this and it's reflected in our positive customer reviews and feedback. Many years of research and development has gone into developing the Eagle range of campers and off road caravans. We know what works and make sure we build incredibly tough campers to suit Australian conditions. Our extensive range ensures our customers can choose the perfect camper or caravan for their lifestyle.

Peace Of Mind When Travelling

Our customers feel comfortable when buying from us as we offer a 7 year structural warranty, along with an Australian wide 12 month new purchase warranty. We want you to feel secure and comfortable when choosing us, so we offer an Australian wide warranty, which means all servicing and repairs can be completed at any authorised locations nationwide. Providing you with peace of mind when you are travelling is important to us.

An Eagle Can Go Anywhere

Now here's some exciting news, for a limited time we are offering FREE DELIVERY AUSTRALIA WIDE. We currently have dealers in Adelaide, Perth and Victoria, we understand that's not always convenient for our customers, so the cost of delivery has been a deterrent for some. If you want to buy one of our impressive caravans or campers, then this is the time to buy, as free delivery will save you thousands.

Why not give our sales team a call on 08 8281 6696 to discuss this exciting opportunity further. We look forward to getting you started on your new adventure.

* Limited Time Offer, Conditions Apply

Eagle Caravan & Camping Mats

Are you looking for quality camping mats that can be used with caravans, campers, motorhomes, camping or simply everyday use?

Then we have the perfect choice for you… introducing the new Eagle caravan & camping mats.  Eagle camping mats are not only affordable but also extremely durable and eco-friendly as they are made from top quality material.

Eagle Caravan & Camping Mats

Where can I use one of these mats?

Outdoor mats are versatile and can be used anywhere as they are light weight and can be folded away easily in their reusable storage bag.  They are suitable for whatever your lifestyle needs are; caravans, camper trailers, motorhomes, camping, annexes, picnics, at the beach, the options are endless.

Our customers rave about these mats as they help keep the dirt out of their campers or caravans and give their family a comfortable place to relax when camping.

Why should I buy an Eagle camping mat?

There are lots of matting options on the market today that range in quality and price. We believe Eagle camping mats deliver outstanding value and are extremely durable, you wont be disappointed.

Features of our caravan & camping mats:

  • Affordable, starting from $170 they are excellent value
  • Light weight and comes with carry bag
  • Stylish, now comes in 4 contemporary designs
  • Reversible
  • Stain resistant and easy to clean
  • Durable mildew resistant material
  • Polypropylene tube material weave allows water to drain
  • Reinforced corners included for securing mat
  • UV inhibitor reduces sun fading
  • Eco-friendly as they are made from 100% recycled poly

These features will keep your eco-friendly mats looking good for longer and increase the life of them, so you can enjoy comfort while camping for many years to come.

New Designs & Reduced Prices

Our mats now come in 4 new contemporary designs plus we have reduced their prices, making them even more affordable. If you would like to find out more about these impressive mats head over to our Eagle caravan & camping mats page where you can find all the details, prices and designs.

Feel free to visit our Adelaide showroom to see them on display today or if you are interstate give us a call us on 08 8281 6696 as we can organise delivery.

An eagle can go anywhere

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